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I had remembered when I was five years old… They all were different…
There were still large and many trees in forest, green and fresh plants around, and I liked playing water so much and taking a shower satisfactorily. But now, we have to clean ourselves only once-used towel, which has been wet by mineral, oil, or another toxic.
Industrials have been collapsed, grade of workless-people rise up to high level. Each worker has solely been paid by a glass of water. What a pity condition, right?
Many people rob or steal water in silent place. Accordingly, 80% of all food is synthetic.
Long time ago, there’s a command say that I should drink minimum eight glasses a day. Now, I can drink only a glass a day. Water is a very scarce thing. There’s no washing, no showering, as the waste being top like mountain. There’s only septic tank which we use for daily needs.
---Water and Earth for the Future, Letter in 2070---

From above, there’s a conclusion that the world are beginning to be worst environment, as it do right now. The most important case that has occurred in the world recently is energy crisis, which has resulted food and of course water crisis. World Bank, IMF (International Monetary Fund) has realized and decided that this world got horrible, fabulous, marvelous number of crisis, especially in energy. Definetely, President of OPEC, Chakib Khelil positively argue that the oil price is possible for growing up to US $200 / barrel. He said that this gambolling movement has happened because the market (oil) has been influenced and controlled by the descent of AS$ currency. That high price also caused by recession in USA and economic crisis in several core countries. “Each dollar which descend 1 % , the oil price can grow US$ 4 / barrel.” This prominent condition also cause in food and water crisis. Inevitably, the prices of daily needs are growing high rapidly ( such as : rice, eggs, oil, wheat, etc) Meanwhile, the invation, the war between Iraq and America still happen continuously without seeing the collapse of economic, political, and environmental life. These have been accepted in every country, with no exception. Each nation will obtain these risky movements, which if it didn’t resolve sooner, the people in the whole world would be in danger because of the angry earth. Many people couldn’t get fresh and clean water and food, get an unpredictable diseases that there’s not medicine can solve it, famine and malnutrition happen everywhere fairly. This serious problem isn’t an illusion, or impossible thing that wouldn’t happen. It’s possible to be if there’s no one really consider and realize it, then stand up and do some actions for anticipate it. As in my illustration, water is a very scarce thing, so do the food. They will become rare, even though they’re included in abundant resources or renewable resources. Toxic or other dangerous ingredients has been come to them synthetically, inevitably, unavoidably. Will it become true in twenty years later?

STOP! Do with your mind and heart!
I strong believe that environmental issues are inevitable problem that had been occurred in each country. This is the main thing which correlates with other important issues, like: politics, economics, and social-culture. Having energy, food, water crisis hopefully can open government’s mind and they use their heart to resolve it spontaneously. Without prejudice someone, it’s an urgent actions that we must do! Mitigation and changing our life style is very important to avoid our damaged environment. GO GREEN! It’s an alternative way to balance our mind and heart. Stop the intensity of waste by 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) , bike to work or school, grow some plants, trees, make a green spaces, and absolutely save our energy for reducing the crisis. This is anticipating mean to produce clean, health, and continuously green environment. Nowadays, there are many people or member of “green” organizations campaign this issue. It contains of: Green peace, WWF (World Wild Fund), WALHI (Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia), Al Gore (a person who got Nobel Prize because he is the pioneer who spiritually campaign about global warming), and also my club Tunas Hijau. Participation of all people are essentially needed right now. If anyone does this, I’m really sure that the equality of life (personal fulfillment, well connecting or networking / cooperation, balanced security, integrated economy, safe environment) will exactly happen. Energy, food, water, or other crisis will extremely lose by creating health and good environment. Remember! “Our environment is a reflection of our heart”. If we want a good, clean, save, and healthy environment, we must get it in our heart first! So, will we do it together for make a green environment in twenty years later?

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